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What's Happening?

NEW FBC OFFICE HOURS:  ​For the next two to three months, the FBC office will be closed on Fridays.

FIFTH SATURDAY: .  The next one is in July.



Until further notice, we plan to meet every 2nd and 4th Monday morning, ten to noon.  See Kathy Gowell or Jane Ogilvie.

SCRIP sales:  Before and after the service, downstairs in the vestry on certain Sundays.  You'll see Steven at a table.  Next one, May 14th.  Get in touch with Steven if you need something specific.

TRUSTEES and DIACONATE --  2nd Tuesday of the month, usually.  Neither met in December or January, and neither meets in April.  6:00 pm for the Diaconate, and 6:30 for the Trustees, when they do meet the same day.

SOUP KITCHEN DAY is the second Thursday and April's will be the 13th.  See Karen Bailey's report on the "About Us" page!  Soup Kitchen Day is a commitment.  Karen is out of state May 11, June 8, and possibly Bastille Day, but the meals will continue to be made and served.  As always at FBC, in the Vestry and kitchen, at 9am.  Our activities can be found on this site's "About Us" page.

BIBLE STUDY --  Most every Tuesday when John is not on vacation, ten o'clock in the morning.  Next one is April 18th in the Pastor's Study.  Make contact with the pastor for more detail.

CHILDREN'S CHURCH has recommenced their school year. 

RUTH BEAUMONT SCHOLARSHIP - Contact the church office for information if you are interested.  Deadline is June 15, 2023.

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