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What's Happening?


We ordinarily meet every 2nd and 4th Monday morning, ten to noon.  We plan to meet on Monday, May 27th.  See Kathy Gowell or Jane Ogilvie. 

SCRIP sales:  Before and after the service, downstairs in the vestry on certain Sundays.  You'll see Steven at a table.  Next one, May 26th.  Get in touch with Steven if you need something specific. We'll try to keep you informed on this page.

SUNDAY SCHOOL is over for the summer.  Thanks to everyone!  See you next fall!

TRUSTEES and DIACONATE --  2nd Tuesday of the month, usually, when they do meet.

SOUP KITCHEN DAY is the second Thursday.  You will find our activities routinely updated on this site's "About Us" page.   In June it will be the 13th.  We meet at FBC, in the Vestry and kitchen, at 9am (Some people even come earlier.), with a small serving crew at the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen.   Karen is the one to ask, for particulars. Her latest journal on this project is on the "About Us" page right now.  Offer her some desserts, for instance!

BIBLE STUDY --  Most every Tuesday when John is not on vacation, these have been held in the Pastor's Study at ten o'clock in the morning.  They are in abeyance now, awaiting the fall.  Make contact with the pastor for more detail.

OUR CHURCH SERVICES stream to the 'net.  They can be found on our church's Group on Facebook.  Special announcements can be found on the group page, too, often more up-to-date than what I tell you here.  We have Zoom on the pastor's laptop, and some people call in, witnessing the church service from that laptop as it sits atop a table in the center aisle.  That can only happen when John is not on vacation, of course!  You get to witness the service and also interact with the people in the room.

Just as the weekly Zoom session depends on the pastor being on hand with his laptop, the streaming of the service (to Facebook) depends on Bob Staples being on hand with his cam and phone, and Sue posting it to the Group Page.  That is, both things are mostly available, but neither is certain to happen every week.

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