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About Us

The mission of First Baptist Church is best represented by the following priorities: a strong, Biblically based, preaching ministry which communicates Christian theology in terms that are relevant to people's lives; a youth ministry which nurtures faith, commitment and discipleship; active programs of pastoral care, visitation, music, and involvement with members of the congregation; a ministry that leads people to make decisions for Christ and encourages their participation in the local church, community, and the world; a program of short-term Christian counseling; and a church environment which nurtures a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and caring. Our facilities are, broadly, handicapped accessible. Four newly acquired devices are now available to help people who are having problems hearing the service.


Our Pastor:

On July 2, 2017, we welcomed a new Pastor, Rev. John Hall and his wife Heidi. He comes to us with 17 years of ministry in previous churches. He states, "My call is to love and care for the people of God. I love theology and there are social issues that just break my heart. But, neither one is of greater importance than the love, care and nurture of the people of God." Heidi and John have 2 grown children. Please join us here Sundays at 11 to meet these sterling folks and  our church family!

Rev. John Hall


Pastor                                                                                                Soup Kitchen

We are still making our meals from the church and are still making sandwiches.  We find ourselves reminiscing about the big meals we used to put together at the Salvation Army, but I doubt we will return to that mode until it is safe for us.  The recipients of the meals come together now for the communal meal.  We do so miss serving the people and having the interaction, but will continue to do the thing that is safest for everyone.

Thursday, the 11th of April

People eat at the Soup Kitchen for a variety of reasons.  Some are homeless and are seekng a meal in a friendly, judgement free environment.  We've talked with some folks who have little money left in their budget after they pay their rent so they eat regularly at the Soup Kitchen to make the money stretch a little further.  Some are lonely and like the company.  Yesterday I talked with a retired guy who said he had no idea how much was involved with cooking meals until he was suddenly left in the position of having to do all his own cooking.  He said he was very grateful for the groups who cook for the Soup Kitchen, especially when the food made was so good.

So please, all of you who devote so much of your time and effort to doing this project, feel good about what you are doing.  You are making a positive difference in people's lives.

We had a great crew.  I understand that Madiline Mahar, who just celebrated her second birthday last month, had a good time filling the lunch bags with chips and desserts. Her mother, Kayla Mahar, and grandmother, Kathy Gowell were also there as part of the sandwich makers.  Thanks to them and to Brenda Cheney, Judy Pruszenski, Gwen LaPointe, Cheryl Dubois, Jane Ogilvie, Mabelle Miller and Stacey Taylor.

The soup making and serving crew at the Salvation Army included Everett Goodwin, Erika Bailey, Judy Pruszenski and John Cheney. In addition, John made homemade bread to go with the soup.  That really wowed everyone.  Nothing says "I cared enough to give you the best" like homemade bread and desserts.  Thank you to all the dessert makers including Tom Gilbert, Cheryl Dubois, Erika Bailey, Mabelle Miller and Brenda Cheney.

Join us on May 9th when we'll do it again!


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