First Baptist re-opened for services in June of 2020, holding its first service on Sunday, June 7th, and our first communion service July 5th.  Everyone who attended those services was receptive to and  cooperated with the many changes we had to make in order to meet the state CDC COVID guidelines, and we greatly appreciate it!  We definitely are keeping the safety of everyone first and foremost as we continue to hold our services and move forward.


IDAC (the church we share space with) are having services at FBC.  In order to help keep things as safe as possible for both churches, they will be holding their service from 8:30-10:00am and most likely have all people out of the church by or before 11:00am.  Imago Dei is, as we are, concerned that the strict COVID guidelines are followed and will be doing their best to keep everyone safe for both churches.

We have gradually relaxed restrictions to some extent, resuming congregational singing and making masks optional for those vaccinated.  We still have the tape and the plexi and we will resume such precautions as the Maine CDC should recommend in their guidelines, if they make new ones.

We felt it important to let you all be aware of this as we know this may affect some of you and your individual circumstances and decisions of continuing to attend FBC's Sunday services at the church.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have by contacting Pam Frye at (207) 942-0435, or email her at


Thank you and blessings to you all,


Pam Frye