The mission of First Baptist Church is best represented by the following priorities: a strong, Biblically based, preaching ministry which communicates Christian theology in terms that are relevant to people's lives; a youth ministry which nurtures faith, commitment and discipleship; active programs of pastoral care, visitation, music, and involvement with members of the congregation; a ministry that leads people to make decisions for Christ and encourages their participation in the local church, community, and the world; a program of short-term Christian counseling; and a church environment which nurtures a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and caring. Our facilities are handicapped accessible.


Rev. John Hall and his wife Heidi

On July 2, 2017, we welcomed a new Pastor, Rev. John Hall and his wife Heidi. He comes to us with 17 years of ministry in previous churches. He states, "My call is to love and care for the people of God. I love theology and there are social issues that just break my heart. But, neither one is of greater importance than the love, care and nurture of the people of God." Heidi and John have 2 grown children. Please help us welcome them to our church family!


Music Ministry

Music is an important part of who we are here a First Baptist church. We have a group called "the Singers" who's main goal is to sing and have fun! We would love to have a full Senior choir once again but until then we will continue to sing to the Lord a glad song of Praise with however many voices we have! There are some adorable young singers who make up our Children's choir! They are energetic and love to raise their voices for the Lord! We also have some very talented musicians who participate during worship as well. In the past our Youth choir has gone on tour to raise money for Kupenda for the Children.



Our church is very active in mission work, and many mission trips have been made to the Dominican Republic. One of the newer missions of our church, Operation Christmas Child, was very popular with many age groups during the Christmas season. We also recently sent a team to Tanzania as part of a mission with Kupenda for the Children. Locally, many members of First Baptist take part in the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, and more. In fact, it was a group from First Baptist Church that initiated the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Bangor.

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Cooking Club

What are the meals you used to make for your family, but don’t anymore because it’s just too much trouble for one or two people? That’s the question we started with when we started the Cooking Club. We have now proceeded to make those meals together! We meet at the church around 9 am and there you will see people sitting around a table, talking while they peel potatoes, carrots, whatever we are making that day. Others will be in the kitchen itself putting the rest of the meal together. Before you know it the meal is done and then we sit down to eat. We love having people join us for the meal. After we eat we put together meals to go and deliver them. For those in the church family who don’t get out much it is a time to connect with them. Finally, we encourage people who have worked all day to drop by and pick up meals to take home to make their day a little easier. There is no charge for the meals because we have been fortunate enough to have an anonymous benefactor who has donated money to pay for everything. Meals we have made so far are corned beef and cabbage, beef tips in gravy over mashed potato, chicken cordon bleu, pot roast and meatloaf to name a few. We usually meet on fourth Tuesdays and would love to have more people join us to cook, to join us for the meal, to deliver meals or to pick up a meal or two on the way home from work. Join us!